UFO Publicity

The United Flying Octogenarians benefit from media reports. It helps recruiting efforts, and it help portray our members as disciplined and safe pilots. Regretably, many of these profile articles fail to mention the person being profiled is a proud member of the United Flying Octogenarians. That is a lost opportunity.

We are all representatives of this elite and wonderful organization of old flyers. We are unique. There are few other people like us in the world and that is why we are often sought for news stories. Unfortunately, we seldom pick up the ball and run with it. Why? Why do we let such great opportunities slip through our fingers? Simply, I think, because it is not part of our awareness.

To correct this omission, I would like each and every one of my silver-winged brothers to take note, pin it to your wall, ask spouse to remind you and do whatever it takes to mention you are a member of the United Flying Octogenarians when presented with an opportunity for a news event. Better yet, take it one step further and create the opportunity for a news article or video. Contact your local newspaper or magazine or TV station and blow your horn.

Above all, shout it loud and clear .... I am a member of the United Flying Octogenarians.

Charlie Lopez
PR Director, UFO


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