The weather was forecast to be chilly (44 degrees) with mostly sunny skies. HA! It was not to be! I met George Robbins and his daughter, Karen, at KBAK at 9:15 am, climbed in their Bonanza, and we headed for Kokomo and Dale Etherington’s beautiful turf runway at 8I3. The marginal VFR at KBAK soon thickened and forced us to a lower altitude and a bit of scud-running the rest of the way. We were the first one in at Dale’s place, but were soon joined by others. Another Bonanza skimmed the grass and taxied next to ours. It was Bob Siegfried from Downers Grove in Illinois.

After lunch, I gave a brief report on the “state of the UFO Board” and our annual meeting in Texas. A couple who live on the airport, Jim and Ginger Wright, joined us during the discussion. Dale had told me about the fellow and that he just had his 80th birthday, so I went prepared with an application form. He took it and plans to join. Yea!