Sep. 11, 2014 – Roughly 25 UFOs showed up for our Fresno Fly-In and Lunch. A twin flew in from San Diego and a number of planes were from local airports. There was a ninety year, old 100 mission WW II P-47 pilot, a 96-year-old active pilot (with a cane no less), a 90-year-old lady who has been flying up to a few years ago (a Powder Puff Derby flyer) and even a fellow who sailed in the Navy the years I did on a sister ship doing the same missions we did. Small world.

It was a good meeting but a bit warm and too noisy with the busy aircraft going in and out of KFAT. A low pass with a F-16 plus many planes stopping or leaving the FBO that hosted the meeting.

– Herman Frentzel