Sep. 17, 2014 – “WOW! What a list!” said Harvey Herman when we he saw the roster of registrations for this popular event. Well said. When the day came there were 12 pristine UFO aircraft scattered about the ramp looking for all the world as though they were on exhibit. In fact they were. Even the line crew joined the crowd as UFOs wandered through the airplanes to admire them one by one.

The event was favored with a blue sky and just a few puffy clouds to complete the beauty of the scene. The FBO cleared the ramp for ‘UFO planes only’ and the tower directed arrivals to UFO parking. It was UFO Day at Danbury Airport.

Steve Reithof joined the UFO on the spot. Steve is a Wright Brothers Master CFI, was chosen CFI of the Year twice, and is a member of the FAA FAAST team and an inductee into the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame. Welcome aboard, Steve.

The food was good and once everyone was ‘fed up’ the mic was passed around in the UFO tradition. When all the stories had been told everyone walked back to the ramp to be photographed for the Danbury paper. Once again a good time was had by all.