Oct 14, 2015 – Our remarkable UFO member Mark Trimble, active and prominent businessman and collector in the Branson area hosted and led a wonderful program showing and explaining the history of the Outboard Motor industry, their innovations and the effect on the auto and aircraft engines of today. Mark’s collection of outboards is 1200 plus. The morning program was at his office and showrooms; which were full of other collections such as antique cars, rifles, pistols, knives, saddles, etc. The afternoon program was at the airfield (PLK) to look over a collection of some 22 older aircraft–a Grumman Widgeon used in the Fantasy Island TV show was one of them. Mark was most generous in giving of his time and facilities to his fellow UFO’ers.

Clint Allen showed portions of a DVD he is editing showing the construction and flying of a ¾ scale Jenny he made and flew. He was looking for suggestions to finalize the DVD. We had pizza and soda for lunch. Overall it was an unusual, educational, interesting and fun program with lots of camaraderie.

Honored quests included Jan Hoynacki, Executive Director of the United Pilots Assn., Lionel and Sara Smith. author and writer of “His Wind Beneath My Wings.” Lionel trains missionary pilots for brush country flying. Those that stayed overnight enjoyed Branson shows Tuesday and Wednesday.

In attendance from Missouri: Mark Trimble and Lea, Clint Allen, Ron Anderson, Allan and Dot Brennecke, Bill and Janet Newton, Sam Swihart, and Eugene Engledow. Eugene was 102 years of age on October 7. WOW!! Bill and Camelia Smith joined us from Arkansas, from Kansas came Bill Morris, and Don Miller and Peggy DuSheny arrived from Illinois.