Sep 15, 2015 – UFOs Get Crabs
24 UFO members, potential members, and guests from 4-states descended on the Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House on the Chesapeake Bay on September 15th for camaraderie and great crabs. Five aircraft flew into the adjacent Kentmorr Airpark (3W3), the first residential airpark in the country. Another flew into the nearby Bay Bridge Airport (W29). Roger Guest, an airpark resident, co-hosted the event and (among other things) helped organize and transport members from their airplanes to the crab house. Although advertised as a fly-in, drive-in or boat-in we did not have any arrivals by water. The well-known crab house and marina is a local favorite and unique fly-in/boat-in destination with a nice beach, in addition to good food and drink.