Jul 10, 2015 – It was a perfect day. Ramsey Delibiro, Bob Barker, Jim Cavender and a very UFO friendly FBO joined forces to organize a barbeque in Pottstown, PA that took place on July 10, 2015. Twenty three pilots and friends gathered in a large hangar to share their aviation experiences and tell each other how good they used to be.

The oldest member in attendance 93, a pilot by the named Mark. Mark distinguished himself as Captain of a B19 by flying 17 bombing missions deep into enemy territory during WWII. Another UFO member, John Billings, was a close second in age at 91. He flew B29s in the military then left military service to become a Captain for an airline. John has flown 307 Angel Flight missions and received the prestigious Endeavor Award for 2015 in recognition of his dedication to charitable flying.

Lloyd Babcock is the Pennsylvania Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation He came as a guest and subsequently asked to join. The possibility of Lloyd serving as the UFO State Representative for Pennsylvania is being explored. Jim gave him a membership form and UFO Director John Sullivan handed him a membership Directory on the spot. Now that’s coming prepared!

The food was good. The camaraderie was excellent. A good time was had by all.