Jan 31, 2015 – According to Wikipedia, a Gaggle is a group of geese, NOT in flight. Or in military slang “an unorganized group doing nothing. In aviation, it is a large, loosely organized tactical formation of aircraft”. Sounds like we have picked the right name for “SOCAL UFO Gaggle”, doesn’t it? Our first gaggle of the year was held last Saturday, 31 January at EAA Chapter 14, Brown Field, San Diego, with a sparse crowd of about a dozen attendees. Bill Browning in his beautiful Diamond TwinStar brought Jack King and Marty Engle, and Art and Joy Goodwin flew in in their equally beautiful Cessna 182. Several other regulars were conspicuous by their absence, possibly due to a little adverse weather early in the day.

Following a gourmet $3 lunch of Tri-Tip steak and Teriyaki Chicken with all the sides, the group met in the library trailer. Bill Browning gave us some interesting info on “Have Donut”, the once former top secret program involving the Mig-21 which is now owned by Reg Finch, and based here at SDM. Jack King and John Jenista added more interesting foreign and domestic flying tales to the program.