May 18, 2016 – New faces were prominent among the members attending the ANNUAL UFO FLY-IN organized by Bob Barker at the Danbury airport in Connecticut on May 18th. UFO Director John Sullivan counted 50 members and guests at the luncheon and thought it might be a record number for UFO Fly-Ins. UFO Director Jim Cavender came all the way from Texas to enjoy the day.

Members flew in from 7 surrounding states with 25 airplanes and one helicopter. That’s a lot of aircraft to accommodate, particularly when one of them is as large as Jack Bart’s Grumman Mallard. Jack flew this magnificent flying boat to Danbury with crew members Steve Ferguson and Dominic Cammarotta.

Tino Valente and brother Al brought as spiffy a T34 as you will see anywhere. Richard Perillo piloted his rare and beautiful Great Lakes biplane to the event. Bernie Asher, a friend of the late Captain and past UFO President John Miller, brought his wife in their Piper Malibu.

Enstrom pilot Roland Toutant and Bob Montlick celebrated their birthdays; Bob was one day short of 80 and asked for a Membership Application form as did a couple other pilots. Mike Silvester handed in his at the meeting.

There were some laughs as Bob Barker awarded a UFO cap to the member deemed most to need it by virtue of having the least hair. Tom Johnston won the prize for coming the farthest distance and therefore the most likely to need it. It was a Porta-Johnny and came with a plain paper bag so no one needs know its contents when you carry it into the FBO after landing.

Things went from ridiculous to sublime when Hugo Schreck was introduced and showed samples of his work. Hugo knows how to capture the stark beauty of cloud formations like no other professional photographer. He one of his sky posters as a gift to every pilot at the luncheon.

Smiles were everywhere all day. The group photo is not complete but it captures some of them. It was a very good day.