Apr 21, 2016 – UFO’S gathered at MGY on 21 April 2016. Host facility was Dayton Wright Brother’s Model “B” (Look-A-Like) hangar. Although the WX put a damper on fly-in attendance (5) and the opportunity to fly in the Wright “B” Flyer, 14 UFO members, including 2 from MI, participated in the event. Charlie DeBerry & his Wife, Ellen with her friend, Liane Green, arranged a first class get-together & luncheon.

Wright “B” Flyer Volunteer Members presented an historical presentation on how the Wright Brother’s developed their flying machine. Following that, a walk-around brief & inspection of the Look-A-Like Model “B” took place. Highlighted by the briefer were the many events, both National & International, where the airplane has been a principle flying attraction. A replacement for the existing airplane is planned and is now under construction.

Luncheon in the hangar and social activity followed to complete an enjoyable meeting.