May 17, 2017 – Fifty-four UFO members and guests convened at the Danbury, CT airport for the UFO Northeast Region Annual Fly-In. Roland Toutant made the trip with his wife Helene in his Enstrom helicopter. They shared the ramp with eighteen other UFO aircraft that came to the event including Jack Bart’s beautiful Grumman Mallard sea plane. The cameras of Chanel 12 TV rolled while members climbed aboard for a close up look at the interior and the cockpit of this very special plane.

Next the TV crew focused on UFO member Jack Rosen and the award winning RV9A that he built just a few years ago and Tom Osborne’s Glastar that Tom built in a second floor room of his house in New Hampshire.

When the time came for pre-arranged visits to the tower they were unable to accommodate us due to an emergency in progress at the field. A plane enroute to Danbury was in trouble when the engine quit about 10 miles out. It turned out to be our own Russ McFarlan in his Cessna Skyhawk who made it safely to the airport with the help of a re-start in the air. Diagnosis – vapor lock. Later, Russ flew the plane home without incident.

The ramp was a beehive of activity with 18 planes, 1 helicopter, a fire truck, a bunch of firefighters all suited up, a television crew and UFO pilots milling about. Then it was time for lunch. Those who drove to the event transported those who flew.

The food was good, the conversation even better as we all sat down and, as Bill Weber would say, told stories to each other about how good we used to be. First timer Vince Calio summed it up in an email to Bob Barker – “beyond my expectations…totally enjoyable on so many levels. … a very successful and memorable event.”

News 12 Video of the Northeast Region Fly-In