Jun 22, 2017 – A group of UFO’s and Master pilots meet at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman, MT. Bill Webber and his son Rick flew in from Spokane and several made the trek in from Roundup, MT. Also, the local group from Bozeman and Belgrade rounded out the 15 that meet for lunch at the airport café. Pat Johnson the first Montana female Master Pilot drove in from Helena. Pat gave us a nice history of Montana’s newest and second female Master pilot Mary Wadekamper of Helena. Mary is also half of the first Montana married couple to receive the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. Mary holds an ATP and an A & P. She and her husband have rebuilt many aircraft and rotate flying their various planes.
Bob Miller gave grace before the meal and shared the “An Airman Grace” plaque that he received at Embry Riddle Aviation school in Florida when he visited there. He said that the school treated him like a king and pulled out all the stops to make an old pilot feel welcome.

Also at this meeting Rick Webber gave an explanation on the new Basic Med program and then Bill Webber gave us his insight on striving to achieve the goal of living to 100 as well as reciting his rendition of Rindercella. Big Sky State must attract a lot of pilots because Montana has the greatest number of Master Pilots per capita.