For some it was like old home week. Bud Leppard, our member photographer who did such a great job at Danbury, once lived in the little building where we gathered before lunch. Bud flew charters out of the airport and he told of the time he took a passenger from Sky Manor to JFK and was cleared onto the ramp and right under a waiting Concorde for a trip to England. For others it was just home. Orville Wright Williamson lives nearby and did the liaison work for the event. With a name like that you know Orville came from an aviation family.

The food was excellent, the seating on the edge of the taxiway couldn’t be beat, the sky was clear except for just enough clouds to break the monotony but the camaraderie was the best of all. We simply must do it again next year.

Note was taken of the fact that Flemington is the home of the Lindbergh trial, only about 9 miles away. The courthouse has been preserved as a historical artifact with annual re-enactments of portions of the famous trial.