Jul 20, 2017 – The temperature was in the 90s and the people attending had a nice cool place to view the Nampa airport from the terminal. The restaurant put us in a private dining room on the main floor. The tables were arranged just like we were meeting in Washington DC with the president and his advisors. There were 15 all together there. That included Makenzie (the dog brought by Jim Crawford of Salmon, ID. This is the first time I have made a name tag for a dog!) Norm Kinney and his daughter Candy, along with Don Taylor and wife Yvonne, are responsible for putting this together.

We had some great discussions regarding the Basic Med program. Melinda Denton flew her 182 from Spokane to bring Bill Webber to the meeting. We had a brief concern for her losing the keys to the airplane. Yvonne Taylor suggested she pray to St. Anthony, and sure enough, in about 1/2 hour they were found. Bill Webber put on a program for everyone to set a goal to be 100 and every one of the members related some of their flying experiences. Conclusion: A fun day.