Oct 26, 2017 – A UFO FLY-IN / DRIVE-IN was had THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2017 at (I19) Greene County-Lewis A Jackson Rgnl. Airport. We appreciate all the help in the success of the event. Ellen DeBerry, with the assistance of Liane and Don Green, planned and picked up the lunch. Betty Darst provided the dessert. Craig Kern, attending his first UFO event, arranged for the venue and the speaker. Craig is employed full time at the airport. Ross McNutt gave a very well received presentation about his two companies: MacAir Aviation and Persistent Surveillance Systems. MacAir Aviation is a full service FBO providing flight training, maintenance and transient services. It also has an Air Force contract to provide flight orientation to Air Force Flight Surgeons so they can better understand their patients. His most interesting company, Persistence Surveillance Systems, offers airborne surveillance for cities worldwide. The results of some of these surveillances have solved several violent crimes or criminal acts in select cities.

Twenty attended the event. Betty Young, Augusta, MI; Barbara Goodwin, Kalamazoo, MI and Maisie Stears, Kalamazoo, MI flew in Barbara’s Cardinal. Philip and Julia Gutwein flew from Monticello, IN for their first UFO event. Also flying was Carl and Diane LaRue from Cambridge OH. Other attendees from the greater Dayton area were John Chupron, Betty & Jack Darst, Charlie & Ellen DeBerry, Don & Liane Green, Craig Kern, Al Koning, Ev Lake, Ken Lawson and Mike & Lucy Anne McKosky.