Jul 13, 2017 – The Rockland Lobster Fest has always been a rain or shine event. This year we had rain. But that didn’t stop 11 intrepid pilots with their wives and significant others from gathering at Miller’s pier in Spruce Head, Maine for a lobster roll or delicious fish chowder and some good conversation in a sheltered area right by the water.

It was a special pleasure to meet Jack and Beverly Fox who flew in from Maryland the night before to be with us. Bob and Karen Cox also deserve special mention because they pushed on to be with us despite a breakdown with their car on the way to Rockland. Thank you, Bob for your perseverance. We enjoyed your company.

Thanks to Vince Calio who managed registrations while Bob Barker was on a schooner and incommunicado preceding the Lobster Fest.

Next year no rain, guaranteed!