Dec 30, 2017 – The final SOCAL UFO Gaggle for 2017 was held December 30th (New Year’s Eve-Eve) at EAA chapter 14 hangars at Brown Field, San Diego. About 40 UFOs and UFOs in training enjoyed the Teriyaki Beef and Chicken lunch prepared by Chef Danno Johnson. After lunch, Dr. Bill Browning related some of the history of the once top-secret project called “Have Donut” involving the evaluation of a MiG-21 about 50 years ago. He also talked of a few other once top-secret programs conducted at China Lake. Bill flew the MiG as well as F- 8 Crusaders and F-4 Phantoms. He still flies his own Diamond Twin Star. The next SOCAL UFO Gaggle is expected to be held on Saturday, 31 March. Y’all come!