Nov 11, 2017 – Flying weather in the South Texas region has not been that great for the UFOs. However, we did slip in a gathering on 11 November at Hooks Airport (DWH) in the Houston area. This is Dan Nicholson’s home base and the location of a very good FBO and the Aviator’s Grill. What more could a group of pilots want. Dan and John Larrison share the UFO South Texas region. Dan the East out of Houston and John the West out of San Antonio. Together they were able to contact about 45 UFO members in the South Texas area and plan the event. They had 18 members and guest attend and as you might expect, all had a good time. The true nature of the UFOs came though when two of the members needed rides to attend. A group email resulted in quick response and both had offers of rides in short order.

Once welcomed and signed-in, the group quickly got down to updating old friendships and many “do you remember when” stories. The “table talk” was going so well that John Larrison’s discussion of his favorite airplane the A-1E Skyraider (which he flew in Vietnam) was downgraded to a hand-out and a few question and answers.

As the stories got shorter and the Sun moved further west, the group gathered around Dan’s very nice Yellow Cub for a picture to document the day’s gathering. Next year the South Texas group is planning for a Fly-In at historic Garner Field at Uvalde, TX (UVA). A good meal at the airport’s new Hangar 6 café and a planned tour of the newly established Lancair International manufacturing facility. Lancair kits are a modern molded composite construction. They will also have a “Self Help” assembly facility located on the airfield for builders.