Oct 12, 2017 – Tom Van Petten (UFO area representative VA/NC) sponsored a UFO meeting in Historic Williamsburg on a dreary Thursday. Tom made the 2.5 hour drive from Littleton, NC. Only one of the 7 aircraft that had planned to fly in actually flew in because of the low IFR weather. John Billings (94) and his copilot Nevin Showman did fly in, right after Jack flew his 404th Angel flight. Yes – 404.

Bob Barker (UFO Regional Manager Northeast and UFO Director) and his spouse Heilwig drove in from CT. John Sullivan (UFO Regional Manager Mid Atlantic and UFO Director) did manage to fly in the day before from Annapolis. John Sullivan, Bob Barker and spouses spent a couple of nights to visit Yorktown and Williamsburg.

Other attendees included Don Maxwell, Jack and Karen Fox, and Hans. Six of the expected attendees did not make it because of the weather.

Tom made some information available on BasicMed and John gave a short briefing on UFO. The airport restaurant, Charley’s, did an excellent job serving us in a private meeting room.