Sep 19, 2018 – A group of ten UFO members and their guests met in the patio of the home of host, Wray Fleming. Planes were parked in front of his home at Cameron Park, a private air park.

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time as we all became acquainted with members we had not met yet. One of them, Dave still goes to work every morning in Berkeley, yet he manages to find room in his schedule to fly his Bonanza to UFO Meetings up and down California.

Bud is a veterinarian who used aviation in his business. He trained his wife to be a coyote shooter and she became good at it.

Dean recently attended a meeting of the EARTH ROUNDERS in Beijing, China. That is a long way to go when one is in the nineties. He managed it well and enjoyed the meeting. For this trip, he flew commercial.

Our host, Wray, has a charter business in Hawaii and was the pilot to take Charles Lindbergh to Maui for the last time. Mrs. Lindbergh wrote a lovely letter of thanks for the excellent flight and care by the pilot.

Another pilot, Bill, who worked in Los Angeles, flew his plane to San Luis Obispo once week to teach an evening class and returned to Los Angeles late at night.

Hal ran the 15,000-member California Teachers Association for a long time.

Annie earned her wings at age 78 and flew all over the Northwest alone in a Cessna, then later took many seniors on flights in her Piper Cherokee.

Another member was a long-time cowboy and rodeo performer.

Jim loves tail wheels. When he crashed his last plane, he moped around so much, his wife said that he needed to go buy another plane! What a wife!

A very good time was had by all. Wonderful lunch and enjoyable company.