Apr 5, 2018 – There were nineteen UFO member pilots attending the fifth UFO Meeting at the San Luis Obispo Airport. Two members turned in their application at the meeting to our president. Among the new members were two women. One of the women flew to the meeting in her Cessna 150 and returned home before the rain arrived. Getting to San Luis Obispo from Oakland was a challenge for her considering the changing weather but she mastered it well.

Three of the pilots had to leave for other commitments before the picture was taken. One who left early was the 92-year-old pilot who flew from Napa. There is a plaque in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum commemorating his flight around the world in a turbo Cessna 182. He was 78 at the time and is the oldest pilot to do that in a single engine plane. The whole trip was done IFR. He said it was impossible to do it VFR.

Every UFO member pilot has a story to tell and Dean’s was a fascinating one that some of us can only dream about.