Sep 12, 2018 – John Geyman organized this Friday Harbor Fly-In. There were 56 who had said they would be there. Instead only 20 could make it due to the low ceilings. The picture shows the group in front of Ernie’s restaurant and John Geyman’s J3 Cub. Also the picture of Bill and Rick Webber who were flying from Spokane and ended up turning around over Wenatchee since the weather at Friday Harbor was still below minimums even to shoot an approach. Bill and Rick had a meeting of their own back at the Spokane Felts Field Café. They had a meeting of two. It was an alternate airport. HA!!!

Those that were able to make it to Friday still had a great time and Ernie’s put on a fine lunch. This was the 11th year to have the meeting at Friday Harbor.

A few out of towners made it to the meeting, Kenneth Coughlin from Oklahoma City and Don Frier from Palm Springs. Wally Weaver brought his 1915 Model T, which was a hit.