Jul 18, 2018 – Nine Octogenarian pilots, including 96-year old Fred Rapp, from 5 states flew in as Pilot in Command to a UFO meeting in Georgetown, DE. A total of 13 members and guests attended the luncheon meeting, including local John Chirtea who drove. Don Maxwell, from Virginia flew the furthest to attend in his SeaRay. The meeting was co-sponsored by Dan Brown, UFO Area Representative for Maryland and Delaware, and John Sullivan the UFO Regional Manager for the Mid Atlantic and was the first UFO meeting in several years held in Delaware.

During the meeting we discussed the problems associated with getting insurance at our age. All owner pilots in attendance have been able to obtain insurance, although some with rate increases. Fred Rapp, at 96, originally had some problems but AOPA insurance was able to switch him to Ace insurance at no increase in premium. Good news.

The meeting was followed by a guided tour of the Delaware Air Museum, which featured a very flyable B-25 (Panchito), a favorite on the airshow circuit, as well as a Tiger Moths and a Twin Beech. We managed to get up close and personal with all of them. In addition, there were many artifacts from WW2 on display. Great cooperation from the museum.