Jun 14, 2018 – Nobody likes a postponement but you can’t change the weather so we changed the date. It is a good thing we did. Other than a 35 knot headwind for some, a bit of turbulence for all and a 20 knot wind shear on short final it was a great day for a fly-in. The sky was blue, the clouds were few and there was not a raindrop in sight.

The early birds were Al Shinn in his Stinson 108 and John Loofbourrow bringing Charlie Schnabolk in John’s Rutan Defiant. The shiny red Stinson was stacked to the gills with avionics, perhaps the only IFR equipped 108 this side of the Pacific. John built his Defiant from plans; Rutan never produced any kits for the model.

Sky Manor is owned, operated and to some extent designed by pilots. The Sky Café is right beside the taxiway to the ramp and the runway is just a stone’s throw farther. (Please don’t test that.) The airport is a pilot friendly and palete pleasing place for a Fly-In. The 38 members and guests in attendance can attest to that.

Carl Carlson made his way to his airport in upstate NY only to find that construction crews had dug up the asphalt in front of his hangar by mistake so he couldn’t get his plane out to make the flight. How’s that for an excuse?

We are sorry Carl. We missed you. We are also sorry for the others who could not make the postponed date and hope to see you next year.