Sep 20, 2018 – A large group of 33 including UFO members, some spouses, and presenters met Thursday, October 20, for the 2018 Kansas UFO Seminar*. It was held at Billard Field (KTOP) in Topeka, Kansas. In addition to Kansans, pilots from Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri also attended.

Most gathered in the special “UFO Section” at the airport’s restaurant for the featured buffet while sharing flying stories. At 1 p.m. they were seated in the nearby Aviation Explorer Scout Post hanger meeting room.

The Seminar kicked off with a lively presentation by Bob Brock, Director, Division of Aviation, Kansas Department of Transportation. He discussed some aspects of flying in Kansas—and that on any general aviation airport in the world of every four A/C there that three will have been produced in Kansas.

James Lamb, FAASTeam Manager, discussed the many merits of the still relatively new BasicMed program for Private Pilots. He also explained the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award which had been earned by three of the members in attendance, then pointed out that many of the rest could also probably qualify for this prestigious award.

The most interaction and questions from the members present concerned aviation insurance, such as how a “mature” pilot can obtain it and continue as the years go on. Randy Hardy, President, Hardy Aviation Insurance, Inc., Wichita, now with five locations in the country, pulled no punches in explaining developments in the aviation insurance industry and how to take advantage of them. One of the most important questions was, “Does it concern insurance companies if one switches to BasicMed?” The answer: No.

Also making presentations was a representative of the Aviation Explorer Scout Post, and a C. F. I.

It was appreciated by members that Jim Cavender, UFO Area Representative and future UFO President made the long journey from Texas to attend.

* Note: What’s the difference between a meeting and a seminar? The former can be dull and boring and you try not to go back a second time. The latter gives promise of information gathering, gaining of knowledge, and possibly even some entertainment.