Jul 19, 2018 – The temperature was 102 and the people attending had a nice cool place to view the Nampa airport from the terminal. Nate, the owner of the Tower Grill, at the airport, served us great food and all 11 of us enjoyed it.

Norm Kinney and his daughter Kandi are responsible for putting this together, but it was also everyone that shared flying stories/memories, that made it a really great and fun meeting.

Cliff Smart, with the FAA, gave a fantastic presentation on flight safety. We also learned a new acronym: PAVE P – Pilot (how is your health) A – Airplane (is the plane flight worthy) V – Environment (what are the weather conditions) E – External Pressures (don’t let passengers or yourself pressure you into possibly flying in unsafe conditions because they/you have to be somewhere by a certain time).

Cliff Smart provided a Wright Bros Master Pilot award plaque to Bob Hoff.

Prizes (balsa wood flying WWII gliders) were given to:

  • Bob Jones for being the oldest member present (93) and for being the longest registered pilot (1945).
  • Norm Kinney came in as the 2nd longest registered pilot (1948).
  • Roger Bourke for farthest distance traveled. He came from Alta, Utah in his Mooney.
  • Don Taylor for most hours flown (over 35,000 hours).
  • Joe Richards and Roger Bourke were also recognized for being the newest UFO members, at the meeting.