Oct 11, 2018 – It was beautiful weather for flying and six members flew in for our lunch meeting. Many of the UFO members have their plane at this airport, so they drove. There were twelve pilot members, three pilot guests and two wives. Lew Gage flew his Luscombe from Reno, Nevada and his guest, Steve Katzman, flew his Bonanza, also from Nevada. Bill Cohen flew his Bonanza from Palo Alto. Kath Holcombe flew from Oakland in her C150. Hal Stephens and wife, Nancy, flew from Placerville in their C172. Dean Stahr, 92, flew his Turbo C182R from Napa. He was accompanied by his son.

One guest told how valuable his flying was to his logging business. One of the other members works one day a week now giving medicals and basic meds to pilots as a medical examiner. The other days he is out flying. Annie Orton told of the thrill she had flying in a T-6, the Air Force’s advanced trainer. Very powerful and fast – Two weeks ago at a fly-in. She liked the low, steep banks and wing-overs as well as the fast, low pass over the airport.

Good food, good stories and delightful company.