May 17, 2018 – There were 21 in attendance for the meeting at the Salem airport (KSLE) in the terminal building. Lemonade and lunch was provided and everyone had a great time sharing stories and probably a few lies.

The main event was the arrival of Richard Van (RV) Grunsven who is the CEO of Van’s Aircraft. Manufacturer of the RV kits produced out of Aurora, OR. Dick gave us a very nice history of the RV aircraft starting in 1973 with the RV3 which is a single seat home built experimental followed by the RV4 and RV6 2 seater models right up through the RV7, 8, 10 and the newest 4 seater version the RV12.

Dick was very gracious with his time and it was very interesting to hear about his experiences of running an aircraft manufacture company.