Sep 12, 2018 – It turned out to be the day of the Fly-In that wasn’t. Ceilings hovered around 500 ft. while the best approach into Danbury is a VOR with an 880 ft minimum. There is no ILS. The airport was socked in with not a plane seen moving on the field all day. This event was to make up for one that was hit by tornadoes in May. Enter stage right – Hurricane Francis. I wonder if the Farmer’s Almanac could use someone who can predict catastrophic weather to the very day two months in advance.

But, once again UFO members came through and joined hands for the kind of camaraderie that only UFO’s can imagine. When the plane can’t go the car can. Twenty six members and friends participated in the “Drive-In” and enjoyed the day together. Several took advantage of the opportunity to climb the steps to visit the tower cab, others remained to meet and chat with special guest Captain Peter Goutiere, now our 2nd most senior member. Peter will be 104 on September 28th. Happy birthday, Peter.

After lunch Peter stood and regaled a very attentive and mesmerized audience with tales of his flying “the hump” during WW II, assignment as personal pilot for General Chiang Kai-shek, a run in with Muammar Qaddafy and much more. He also told us that the secret to longevity is to be found in a cocktail of gin and ginger beer.