Oct 24, 2018 – A gathering of UFOs and guests took place at FBO Southern Maine Aviation located at KSFM airport in Sanford, Maine. Twenty-eight had registered and twenty-two members and guests arrived before noon. Nine registered folks couldn’t make it because of, of course, the weather. North of Augusta there was measurable snow on I-95, and the KSFM weather didn’t improve as forecast at all. However, UFO members Bernie Asher and Brown Stillman still made to the meeting, but both had to make ILS approaches to land. Gentlemen – thank you so much for the effort made to attend this meeting! Our UFO hats are off in a salute to you – IFR qualified, current and competent!

Southern Maine Aviation demonstrated fine hospitality to the UFOs, providing us with a very comfortable arrangement in a well heated hangar and a beautiful Cessna 172 Skyhawk as a companion. SMA went out of their way for us, setting up tables, chairs, and providing coffee. Special thanks to SMA General Manager Mark Damuth and receptionist Debbie.

Our guest speaker, Jake Morrel, accompanied by wife Beth, delivered a narrative and slide show about life in Northern Maine as a commercial wilderness camp owner and bush pilot. He wrote a book about this adventure, and two other books – one about Dick Folsom (a legend in his own time) of Folsom’s Air Service in Greenville, Maine on Moosehead Lake, and a third work on Maine Warden Pilots. Available at jakemorrel@yahoo.com. At the conclusion of the program, the group posed for a photo. A few had departed before the picture was taken.

KSFM features a restaurant in the same building as SMA called the Cockpit Cafe, and the UFO group enjoyed meals of their choice after the meeting concluded.

(It seems that an unofficial contest is developing between the UFO Northeast Regional Manager Bob Barker and Maine Area Representative and event organizer Ray Gibouleau to see who can make the most fly-ins turn into drive-ins. Mr. Barker is way ahead as it will next to impossible for Ray to deliver six tornadoes on the day of a scheduled UFO event as happened for the Danbury fly-in May, and then follow that with a Special Northeast Regional Fly-in on September 12, again at Danbury, where nothing could fly because of rain, drizzle and fog).