Jul 8, 2018 – Twenty-four members and friends gathered at the airport in Rockland, Maine for some good old fashioned UFO style camaraderie. They came in an assortment of six airplanes and one helicopter. Carl Carlson flew more than 4 hours round trip from Phelps, NY for his sampling of Maine lobster. Bill Phillips arrived with Ben Turner, both Cessna 310 pilots in Bill’s 310. Bill Poduska whirled to the event in his Bell Long Ranger helicopter, a very impressive aircraft indeed.

Pilots, passengers, members and friends piled into a string of cars and proceeded down the road for 8 miles looking like a small funeral procession without a hearse. The hero was Larry Lymburner. He and Feliza brought their SUV and it saved the day for ground transportation. As it turned out we needed the SUV’s large capacity because, with it, we had the exact number of seats needed to get everyone back to the airport from Miller’s pier.

We all had such a good time we will have to do it again next year! Bob Barker