May 15, 2019 – This year the relentless rain that persisted throughout the Spring ceased just in time for the event. The meeting set a record with 73 members and guests seated for lunch, plus four more who came only for the ramp activities. Another 18 canceled for weather or other reasons.

Inspecting aircraft and an abundance of hangar talk was in full swing on the ramp but all conversation came to a halt, and all eyes turned to one plane as Jack Bart taxied his Paris Jet off the taxiway and onto the ramp. Two reasons –  first, the plane is unusual and garnishes attention wherever it lands.second, it is utterly impossible to be heard over the loud and wondrous whine of the jet.

At the luncheon, John Loofbourrow filled the group in with some of the unusual characteristics (all favorable) of his most unusual airplane, a scratch built Rutan Defiant.

Next, Bob handed the mic over to Ray Gibouleau who introduced his good friend and fellow UFO and QB pilot, Captain Peter Goutiere (104). This amazing man was a friend of Maharaja Kooch Behar of India and of King Hussein of Jordan, survivor of 680 missions flying the Himalayan “Hump” in WWII, ferry pilot of the 100th C47 “CNAC #100” all the way from Florida to Calcutta, and a suspected assassin on a mission to assassinate Omar Qaddafi. This extraordinary man spoke at length about his experiences.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all.