Mar 12, 2019 – The Arizona UFO Gathering was at Chandler Municipal Airport. We had a few that were going to fly in to that gathering, but the weather was not suitable that day. Unusual for Arizona, but we do welcome rain anytime we can get it.

Despite the weather, 12 members did show up. Our Association president, Jim Cavender, did fly into Phoenix from DFW to be with us, and departed back to DFW later that afternoon. We had a short presentation on Aging Pilots, with some humor added to it. After that we just introduced each other and asked what they fly, or did fly, and any other flying things they cared to contribute. That made it a friendly and interesting afternoon. Our next gathering will be in the Tucson region, probably in September. The Pima Air and Space Museum will likely be our gathering place. Other members may host a gathering at any time, and we encourage that.