Oct 19, 2019 – Last Saturday, six UFO members from Arkansas and Texas descended on Sam Agee’s home in Cabot, AR to enjoy chili dogs with all the trimmings along with two freezers of homemade ice cream. Along with their significant others they celebrated just being together, enjoying good food, and swapping stories about their flying expertise. (Maybe there was a little bit of embellishment here and there.) Refreshingly, there was no formal meeting, no speeches, no agenda … just good friends at a UFO party.

In the photo, UFO members in attendance were (left to right): Robert Penton, Jim Stamps, Sam Agee (our host) Jim Cavender (UFO President), Larry Wheelock, Everett Redding and Sid Brain. Sam lives on a community airport (private, turf runway) designated as Red Oak Airport (4AR2) on the sectional. The other photo shows Sam in front of his beautifully restored Cub. All the work was done in the hangar which is attached to his home. Sam just loves throwing a party! Thank you, Sam! Let’s do it again.