Oct 24, 2019 – It was an exceptional fall flying day in the Chesapeake Bay area and 11 UFO pilots, some with guests, flew into the Cambridge, MD airport to the last UFO meeting of the year to be held in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. This one was hosted by Allen Shinn, who is based at Cambridge (KCGE). The fall colors were just starting to show, the air was smooth, winds calm and great visibility. All attendees flew in with the exception of our locally-based host.

Members came in from four states and the District of Columbia. As a matter of fact, 100% of our UFO membership from DC attended (Dennis McDaniel).

The airport provided the conference room and the excellent airport restaurant, Kay’s, provided great food service. The 12 pilot members told wonderful stories about their aviation experience and how great they were. Joe Blandford, our UFO Florida Area Rep, and member of the UFO Board of Directors, attended. John Sullivan, the UFO Mid-Atlantic Regional manager, provided information on the history of the UFO as well as information on how the UFO is organized and financed.  He highlighted the exceptional work done by volunteers to keep the organization running. But mostly, the meeting was about the comradery and conversation among the members.