Sep 11, 2019 – Fourteen UFO members, spouses and friends met at Ernie’s Café at the Friday Harbor Airport in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. John Geyman was nice enough to park his Piper Cub out front of Ernie’s, so we all knew where to go. Only 4 planes flew in because the weather was not cooperating. The ceilings were low so that those that made it in flew the approach. Others arrived by car and ferry boat. Ken Coughlin from Oklahoma City, OK coordinated a meeting with a friend at Friday Harbor so he could join us at this meeting. Thanks Ken, so glad you came all that way. Dan Berry flew his Aeronca L3 in from Silverdale. The Webbers, Bill and Rick flew in from Spokane.

We were expecting 35 but those from Montana and California and Oregon opted out due to the clouds over the Cascades and the fog in the Puget sound area. We had a great time anyway with good food that Ernie and his wife prepared. John Geyman passed the microphone around and we enjoyed many flying experiences. Bill Webber got up and presented everyone with a UFO present. He gave everyone a copy of the founding letter that established the UFO organization. This happened Nov 2, 1982 and Bill wants everyone to celebrate the UFO birthday on Nov 2 by using the friendship directory and contacting another member by email or phone. Bill would enjoy being contacted on that day also. So, put it on your calendar. UFO Birthday is November 2nd.