Sep 11, 2019 – Blue Skies and Fair Winds is the perfect recipe for a UFO Fly-In Lunch. With conditions like that, we had 53 UFO’s, Guests, and Friends arrive at KCDW (Caldwell-Essex, NJ) on 9/11/2019.

KCDW lies under the New York Bravo Air Space, but it did not stop about 14 aircraft from arriving from all over the North East. In fact Karl Schultz a recently minted UFO flew in from Michigan in his Cirrus SR-22. From the south we had Dave Roeberg come up from Delaware in his Cirrus- Carbon! We had Pipers of all types: starting with Azhar Husain’s award winning Tri-Pacer, followed by Cherokee 180’s, Saratoga’s and Arthur Rosenberg’s Aztec from N. Philly. Cessna was well represented starting with Ken Johnson’s 152, followed by 172’s, 182’s and a 206 owned by Martin Indurskey. Plus Pete Lombardo from Long Island in his Seneca. Stillman Brown was able to deliver a yacht in time and made it from Groton in his V-Tail Bonanza. Can’t forget Jack Rosen, who never misses an event, he flew in from Mass in his gorgeous RV-8! We had aircraft from all the surrounding states, PA, DE, NJ, CT, NY and MA!

Karl Schultz might have flown the longest distance in just over 2.5 hours, but the award should go to Steve Kazan, who had the longest driving time! He drove more than 4 hours all the way from Worcester, MA! Most of the other wheel drivers came from CT, NY or NJ. The breakdown of flyers and drivers was just about 50-50.

The crew manning the KCDW Tower should also be recognized! They were provided with a list of arriving aircraft, and once they knew it was an incoming UFO flight they not alone guided them in the air, but directed them on the ground to the Air-Bound Ramp. The arrivals gathered at FBO, Air-Bound Aviation, and munched on Donuts and Coffee doing a lot of Hangar Talk and renewing friendships.

At noon the entire group dined at Thatcher McGhee’s which is just south of the Airport. Kristin Erickson the event and catering manager provided the group with a choice of 6 different meals including salad and soft drink beverages. She even had special menus made up with the UFO Logo.

By 14:30 everyone said their good-byes and we all hope to gather in May at Danbury, Ct. Due to the success of this inaugural Metro- NJ Fly-in, plans are in the works already for Sept 2020!

Photos courtesy of Bud Leppard, UFO Morristown, NJ