Aug 14, 2019 – The temperature was 90 and the people attending had a nice cool place to view the Nampa airport from the terminal. Nate, the owner of the Tower Grill, at the airport, served us great food and all 7 of us enjoyed it. Norm Kinney and his daughter Kandi were responsible for putting this together, but it was also everyone that shared flying stories/memories, that made it a really great and fun meeting.

Trophy’s were given to:

  • Joe Bejsovec – trophy for oldest member (I’ll explain how that happened later)
  • Norm Kinney – trophy for oldest pilot’s license (Aug 1949)
  • Ellis Mickey – trophy for flying the farthest (Summerville, OR) and it was his 1st UFO meeting and had a really great time!
  • Joe Richards – trophy for being the newest UFO member, at our meeting
  • Don Taylor – trophy for most hours flown, and it was a happy surprise to see him! He’d said he couldn’t make it, but decided to reschedule so he could be there.

So Joe won oldest member, because Norm (87) got oldest pilot’s license, Don Taylor (85) got most hours flown, Ellis Mickey (84) got flew the farthest and Joe Richards (82) got newest member. So it was down to Joe Bejsovec and Ray Arnold. Both are 82yr old. Joe was born Feb 20 and Ray was born Feb 22, so Joe won. Joe was really happy about it because he is the oldest member of the Taylor Craft group, out of Boise, and is going to proudly display it at their hangar.

Picture from L-R – Ellis Mickey – Ray Arnold – Kandi Kinney – Norm Kinney – Don Taylor – Joe Bejsovec – Joe Richards