Jun 12, 2019 – The temperatures were comfortable, the winds light and the skies blue with just a few high cirrus to provide a nice thin canopy of shade over the UFO festivities down below at Sky Manor Airport and Café in Pittstown, New Jersey. Therefore, it is no mystery why 39 UFO members and guests showed up for the event. Unfortunately, John Billings, the featured keynote speaker was not one of them. He was AOG as a result of a snafued installation of a Garmin unit that was to replace a failed HSI. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to modernize. We missed you, John, and hope you will put the Jersey Jamboree on your schedule for next year.

John Sullivan, our Membership VP, was enlisted by Bob Barker to start a series of stories of our own experiences. John talked about flying the twin-jet AT37 in Viet Nam where he flew over 400 missions and dropped a bomb in downtown Saigon. Listening to some of the other stories we learned how to test for fuel loss in flight by throwing an apple core out of the canopy window. If you don’t have canopy a window you better do a careful pre-flight. Another method used by Jack Rosen is to call the tower when you are at the departure end of the runway and ask for clearance to park there for a while you get out and brush snow off your airplane. While brushing snow look around for stains in the snow (It’ a safety measure). If you see blue stains, you have a fuel leak. Taxi back and fix it. If the stains are yellow, it’s okay, you are good to go. We also learned how to do night landings on an aircraft in a Bearcat. Have you ever seen one of those things, Bearcats that is.? They are huge and only seat one person! Hellcats are even bigger. Now you know, if you didn’t come, you missed a lot of fun.

Azhar Husain showed off what must be the finest Piper Tri-Pacer anywhere. John Loofbourrow spoke about the uniqueness of his Rutan designed Defiant. Joe Blandford came all the way from Tallahassee, Florida. Joe is the UFO Representative for Florida and a member of the Board. Thanks to Ralph Baron again for taking the group photo. It was a splendid meeting enjoyed by all.

If you are wondering who the young lady is pictured in one of the photos, her name is Roselle. The Sky Café is Ro’s personal creation. She did a fine job, doncha think?