May 25, 2019 – Joe Blandford, the UFO Area Representative for Florida, and the Thomasville Aviation Club hosted a well-attended UFO Tri-State Meeting at the historic Thomasvile, GA Airport (TVI) on Saturday May 25th. Over 45 members and guests from 5-states participated in the comradery and luncheon.

Thomasville Air Base was an important P-51 fighter training base during WW-2. A 1945 picture of one of the classes was distributed to the meeting attendees. Then Joe Blandford announced that one of the pilots in the picture, 94 year old UFO Member Walter McFadden, was present. Walt has been a UFO member since 2005. He was introduced to the crowd, talked about his experiences, and subsequently autographed copies of the 1945 class picture.

A total of 13 airplanes flew in for the event, including an award-winning Cessna 195 owned by Dave Ramsey. The attendees included one new member who signed up at the meeting and two “near members” who will be eligible in the coming months and plan to join. One member also provided a generous donation to the UFOs.

Luke Closson, a DPE from FAA’s Valdosta Region, provided an interesting presentation “Aging Gracefully – Flying Safely”. The presentation qualified as Wings credit for participating pilots.

Jim Cavender, UFO President and John Sullivan, UFO VP Membership also talked to the crowd.

Jim Dekle provided a tour of his “Power of the Past” Aircraft Engine Museum. an outstanding collection of many historic engines. He also solicited information on historic engines that may be sitting in someone’s hangar and that may be available to add to his collection.

Support from the Thomasville Airport and Thomasville Aviation Club was outstanding. Everything from aircraft parking, refueling, food service and meeting accommodations was excellent.