Event Start Date:
October 21, 2020
Event End Date:
October 21, 2020
Event Venue:
Eagle Crest-Hudson Airport

Date/Time: Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

11:00AM – 2:00PM
Eagle Crest-Hudson Airport
29633 Eagle Crest Road
Milton, DE 19968
(623) 582-5454
Organizer: John Chirtea
Email: trainster@aol.com
Phone: (302) 382-5917

We will host the first attempt at a UFO meeting that will comply with all CDC and local policies for meetings. The outdoor venue will encourage appropriate social distancing while permitting comradery.

Eagle Crest-Hudson Airport is a residential air park on Delaware Bay near the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting will be hosted by UFO Area Representative John Chirtea at his hangar facility. The airport is a well maintained 3500 grass strip about 2.3 miles from the Waterloo VOR (ATR). Members, guests, spouses, and prospective members are welcome.

No event or task is risk free. But, as pilots, we are accustomed to managing risk. We will conform with all local policies and good practices. We discourage anyone from attending who has been involved in virus “risky behavior”, has recently been exposed to folks who have had the virus, are showing relevant medical symptoms, etc. You cannot get the virus unless someone brings it to the event. Testing shortly before you attend would be a plus. It’s your decision to attend.

Most of the folks in our age group are well behaved and prudent. We will minimize contact with non-UFO members. We will depart from the usual meeting format of a sit-down meeting with a meal. We will provide pizza and soft drinks. A $15 donation will be appreciated. Most of the activities will be outdoors or in the open-air hanger. Social distancing will be practiced. Please bring a mask for those occasions where you will be closer than 6-feet to other members. Elbow bumps are encouraged. Hand sanitizer and masks for those who neglected to bring one will be available. The class picture will be with masks.

We will practice how to run a meeting in the current virus environment. Perhaps this can be the prototype for future UFO meetings.

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