Purdue Ageing Study

As part of the 2012 UFO Friendship Directory mailing, UFO members were surveyed about health habits and life style choices. An amazing 65% responded! Using his alma mater (Purdue University) connections, then-President Don Newman offered the raw survey results to Dr. Kenneth F. Ferraro, head of Purdue's University's Center of Aging and the Life Course (CALC) department.

CALC was thrilled about such an abundance of data and set about analyzing it. Some of the results weren't overly surprising; 83% of us are within our normal weight range, 82% exercise regularly and only a few of us still smoke. Other factors, such as mental and social activity registered high among UFO members. In the end, the researchers observed that "staying healthy is all about doing what you love!"

CALC's full report is linked below. The UFO article starts on page 3.

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